Life is Life



Poetic, magical,fireworks, and sunshine

Erotic,independent,stable, Enable

explaination none is needed only the wind blows when you open your eyes

moths,sun rays,clear water and soft as a butterfly

compare,parallel,same thoughts,a gentle thought

nature,fresh air,motherhood,childhood,minds are full

God,creations,the beginning, and also the ending

Attitudes,fools,wise men,,kindness, and gentlemen

Luxury,leather,breezy weather,a long soft feather

Softness,baby skin,innocence,true feelings

Children,Everything, soft voice sings,first words, Gods angel wings

Food,the smell,the taste,heat from the meat and garden from the salad

Life, control,power,everyone has their hour, even a fresh flower

Spring,Seasons,change,at the sound of rain

Beauty,skin deep,the way you sleep,your sexy feet,I would love to stay and repeat

Follow,maps,gps,area,not there, but the time spent is impressive

Ladies,wonderful mind,kind but sweet,like a smell of pine

Money happy,broke, very snappy,sex is so demanding

Words speech,essay,but yet nothing to say, on a daily routine

Relationships,nice hips,Love will make you do backward flips

Pain, no gain ,but stress, leads to years of life , very less

Drugs,no hugs, only the love from a thug,cause you holding a grudge

Leadership,life grips, you by the throat cause your soul have a rip

Suggestion,often asked question leads to answers that sont need any corrections

life lessons,blessings,money and its ways of processing

Emotions, tears, your scared of your own fears

Face it, race it catch up to it and replace it




Black Man!!




Look at me Im black ,I mean black and blue

im a black man but who are you

Do you like my swag,my pants I sag

You walk like me talk like me but your not me 

A BLack man who you wanna be  you cant dress like me 

you cant even talk like me not even dance like me cause this me

Im a black man with tatoos on his hands

Im a changed black man now I have plans

you can have the swag and sagging pants

Im a real black man with goals not gold

and especially not the ladies you call hoes

Im a Black man one in a million maybe a few

that may stick around just to tell my kids thank you

Im a black man you cant be me especially when Im educated like you

have money like you,even have a house like you

but I can be you but you cant be a black man

Im a real black man without handcuffs on his wrist

loving his wife kiss, a father in his children life cause that he would hate to miss

Im a real Black man that had hard times, to find a dime but yet Im Fine

cause i due time Ill have mine and I dont even have to press rewind

Im a real black man that stand tall but yet to fall

my car may stall, but you cant keep me behind these prison walls

with just one phone call, it would be the last time I walk these halls

Im a real black man that you cant even decribe, but racism you hide

especially when a white man kills a black man you hear his cry

but when its vice versa when lose our life, but you wanna walk like me

talk like me dress like me have a swag like me,where pants like me but 

first you must be a real black man like me.

Patiently Waiting……




everyday has a time 

even seconds you can’t rewind

cause when it passes you their nothing you can do

just another loss for you 

we waited and time got longer

we pulled together and our love  got stronger

even in cold and in need of hunger

we said prayers and god kept us in his arms

the road was rocky and we made it threw the storm

are you ok yes I would reply even though pain was written on my face

God said beleive in him keep going theres a brighter day

I cried but never thought it would be so hard

but we loved each other and said god heal our heart

Even though love from you was at the least

I thank God for showing us the way and giving us peace,,,,






If I was white do it make it right

Cause Im black you can shoot me in the back

If I was Spanish you would like me to vanish

If I was poor is it wrong to walk to the store

If I was rich I can pay my way out of shit

If I was in a car would you pull me over just to check who we are

If you seen me kissing a white chick would you call me a nigga cause you hate it

If you seen me walking speaking in a different way

Would you hate me cause of my race

If I wore a suit then will you tell the truth

If I would look and walk like a man

 would you treat me equal and share this land.



In the moment of fire

your touch is at my Desire 

Your love is not a contract only like a career

but wil that push me higher

Looking at the clouds that surround my face

floating on your trust is a steady pace

how can you look so wonderful and sexy at the same time

its all about the connection and the signs you find

how can I feel so free up here

this love I surely dont wanna disappear 

I Love you to my eyes shut and start to dream

Looking forward to the journey of the thoughts in my head

somebody wake me ,then again dont I love dreams that take you far far away

The scent off your neck that enter my nose  smells like a red rose

Your Skin is so clear and pure that iit quiets  the lions roar

take my hand and cut me and take my blood

mix it with yours so we can always be 

that love that Romeo and Juliet  couldnt see

How can I just lay and watch you sleep

all because you make  a difference in me.




She can only be born innocent

with a great mind and knowledge of great sense

but when you take that away and touch her face

then in her mind you become a enemy in her own human race

how can you touch grip her body in the way you cant imagine in your own mind

the cuts the swollen marks that is a tattoo on her body deeply and fined

the tear you see falling down her face 

just because you grew up in a hard but lonely place

Look at her cause she cant look at you 

because her vision is blur and her eyes are black and blue

Now she have fallen on the hard floor

and she cries and crawls for the door

You kick her cause of your past

Your a victim in your own nightmare but yet you dont care

You look at her  as if she was a criminal who abuse you 

but you can only act ugly cause you feel confused

But to her you can use and abuse but yet smile and be amused

now she struggle to breathe and looks at your eyes 

which is filled with blood and anger that runs your insides

how can you leave me you say but you beat her everyday

look at her and now you sorry for acting a fool

but she reacts and its not cruel 

she runs downstairs but you kick her back and tear off her underwear

but she in pain but raping her next is a common affair

She screams you bloody her mouth  and shes in daze 

cause of all the blood that her body have let out

you abuse her,misuse her, and fool her but she is not all the way script 

so she pass out and awake and cant move 

scared of you she curled up and remain nude

tell me how can you say you love her but fake it

and leave her beaten,raped and naked!!!!

The End!!!



oday is a day that I forgive so I can think clearly.  I forgive you for when words would roll off your tongue and enter mind mind as if it was raping me slowly,  from words like moron,asshole,becasue I didnt wnna spend to much money or if I just wanted a kiss goodnight, and the use of perve cause I just wanted to touch you aor make love to you. A kiss from you was like a mile walk, to make love was like having being in prison in my on bed.  Being called a perve becasue of the way i use to look at you, and imagine you dressed in heels and a nice outfit, but I coould get past the letter E in the word Perve cause it was always empty. I worked and you called me a worthless man cause I like to cherrish my family and because I  Loved you so much and the word weak was use to the point it became poison to my blood and you used it to bring me down and always step and killed me on a daily routine, and knew  how to do it. Like when you slapped me while holding our daughter. and to find out that You cheated on me  wround the time you got pregnant and I lived with that for years and didnt find out until after we was married and especially when the guy was your step father brother I carried that around for years and when you lied to me on our wedding day I asked you if you needed to tell me anything you said no and then I found out about that after we was married. You hated everybody in my family cause they loved me but there still here.  I always treated you like a queen even when you treated me like a Servant. Im not perfect but I never disrespected our house. You cheated on me with women and men and I still forgave the horror that came with it and the nightmare that would keep me up at night. I gave you Love,Loyalty,respect,and a family that all you never respected not even in God eyes: ( I would disobey God and not be with Him) I soon realize that my whole marriage was so painful but I hurt myself by letting you use and abuse the situtaions that came and went in the years that would past by. I’m not perfect I was lieing about bills that I paid that didnt get paid until later on. like three days later, but I was just being a man that take on stress afor you so you can complete school,but you went wiithout your car running out of gas,and we had food on the table,and lights was always on and always had internet to do your work, and even had a husband that didnt leave your side when surgury came aroud, I lied alot about the bills casue I knew that if I gave you the money that it would of never been paid. I hate walkiing in my house to another stress of seeing someone that cant see me oe stand my existance or me living and I think that what was so hurtful but yet I still worked,clean,cook,paid bills,and tackled everything that came accross my way. Im not proud of who I use to be but looking back on it besides the lying about the bils I think I was an good man. I never cheated,beat you,did anything to harm my family I always was that man that took loads of overload when it came to family. Im not regreting anything but I am thankful that what happen happen casue then I would be proud of myself for pulling threw the storm. Especially when the kids was involved center stage witnesing the terror of the words and action from you. I have never responded to you about what happen to us in those 90 days I have tried to tell you but it was always a kick in the face like always. We went threw Cold night with no lights,hungry casue we could cook cause you took all the pots, and emotional distress that had to be handle with grades dropping and attitude flaring up , and how we use to sleep in an apartment with cat poop in the carpet and I was so lost that I didnt even realize what was going on. We asked you for money and all we got was no and angry text messages saying we tried to replace you, when you replaced yourself if you didnt notice, The night before you left you made love to me like you was making love to another man and you cried saying you hate to leave but you left us in the desert with no water. The kids cried and ask you to come home and you told them no 8 times. For what we went threw and how you left your family and you keep saying you left me but you left the kids to and I dont think you understand that but one day you will. I gave you all of me but its time for me to take me back casue I have changed and i dont think your ready for me cause Im new and your not ready for me as a friend, and  mentally  I have being trying to learn how to forgive you but didnt know how until a good friend of mine said Im full of pain. So I have to forgive you to give her what she deserve and allow myself to receive what I deserve and I have to release myself from the pain cause my girls need me fuly especially mentally…………. So I forgive you for everything………………………This is the end!!!!! for my Struggle!!! Thank You.