just thoughts


Im Gentle but to me im weak but not as a man weak to loving others in their desired moment of hurt. I feel like common sense is no more and out hearts at war. who can contest the words that come from within. Not you….. your hearts to thn, stab me in the back but suppose to be a friend. Tears fall inside my flesh cause i dont want you see any less of me. I forgive you but I dont know how to move on crossing borders and bridges and selected ocean  mean while the worlds in a circular motion ,keep on repeating itself with the sin and all  I do is forgive…….. and be kind when I neglect my own life when its not even my fight. a heart is a heart but a golden heart been threw rain,falling hell,pain,spit on and even death but being call sweet is a sign of weakness to some, I can’t help it if you give in to the lies and comments especially when the truth hurts you cant paint a picture on a blackboard with black paint…


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