Words of a single dad!!


I must say raising kids is hard but as a dad raising girls its even harder. By no means am I neglecting you mothers. Doing hair and especially the emotions from each daughter is like standing in a volcano with ice, cause you have to be ready at all times. It took me 1 yr to learn how to do a pony tail. I play dress up and paint nails,toes, no dress though. I love my girls Im their protector, The most love I need back from them  is to just call me dad.  ok ok……. I do wear wigs for them with lipstick Im not Madea but Im whatever they want me to be. See thats Love in itself they remember time spent its not even about the money unless its prom.  But my daughters are 13,11,9 and they are so respectful,mannerable,open minded little ladies. We been threw homeless,hunger,walking,cold nights, abandonment. I will never leave them unless God says leave them but even then I will always be with them. I even tried walking in heels for them,had 21 band aids on my hand from trying to sew. Yes I do it all but when you love your kids thats all they ask if that you just spend time with them. Thats why its called family night cause it will rub off on them and they will take it to their families. Im teaching them how to cook even though it took me 6 months to learn how to cook rice, and you better not laugh. Mothers I do everything you do maybe even better, but just because their are fathers out there who havent seen their child cause you wont that child to hate their fathers maybe its a reflect on yourself on who you are. Fathers if u dont wanna see your child your missing the beauty of life and people always say im sorry but sometimes sorry isnt enough, cause Legends show up and losers run and go home but mothers who run away from their responsiblity I just wanna say when you do that, that shows how u remeber where you came from. I dont hate you but wanna thank you for allowing me to write this post!!!


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