Mind Conversations







Its me,unique,but very complete am I the love you seek kiss the cheek and see, Im a man i dont flee only rise

never cheat or tell lies,not perfect but have a sexy surface and yes she cury,but very direct,and quick to check, bullshit she neglect

rules she always set, but quick to reject…..Take a break,dont shake no need to get scared, but very quick of this gender its rare,

a heart with a tare, tears flowing down, captured by a frown no not a clown only thinking of how she got let down.  Conversation with

motivation, that leave her mind stimulated, 5 star rated ,smiles and no one hated. Smiles in the heat of the moment in a different case 

wow a new face, hold on should I accept this race,pull back ,it feels bad, but the new begining is like crack, hold on is it me or is

God dared me to throw it back. I dont know but it feels like its all show and no people to watch, Who am I kidding its nothing

only different and kindness but its red flags, inperfect but a great mind, read it receive it, breathe it,grab it, now your addicted. Now its 

hard, the queen card, beauty, The king card, Unity, now it an Ace, should I play, Gamble let your hand go ,but who gonna catch

it,,only  a man who can accept it. Listen , the tention ,the war, the competition yes he has my attention. His eyes,her pain, he cries,her 

face he dries, no good bye’s only to realize he read my mind!!


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