Sexy indeed




You every been in a room with a sexy black lady and time just slow down

and as she speak, You look at the words coming off her lips, and in a split second she 

connects with you and your thinking its alright, its just me and you. I  know I been there.

I dont even think she understand the effect she has on life itself or maybe she do.

I looked at her and learned so much threw her attitude. Its striking when someone can spark and 

blow you away. Her intelligence, education is never ending. I call it competition. You can let her know she is in control but

only to know that she is everything your looking for.Then she says Hi, What ‘who me’Did she speak to me and my brain shuts down for

the queen she is. Then she ask me a question but I could of swore she said I love you, then I replied me to. Didn’t even know what I 

said just caught in the moment of love at first sight. I have a confession., I was caught off guard by her strength and passion of her 

personality and her personal goals but it motivated me to move up to the plate and give her a good strong man that she could be 

seeking. I dont know if im her type but here goes, All I need is one minute to explain how you effect me at this minute, you excite me

to be a better person for the responsibilities of what a man needs in his life a lady like you makes time stop for the right person to

see what a lady you are. Now I cant breath only inhale fast just cause of the beauty in beautiful. Women are always the Boss they

just need us to be loyal so they can be weak for us. We are controlled by  there fragrance,curves,eye catching movements

that allow us men to fall in love with them.  Most men are weak to the word Love cause its simply means fall to a lady. High heels are a

killer to a man turn on, we dont know how to act  especially when she is a classy sassy jazzy lady. That knows her worth. Sexy



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