A childs Cry



Innocence is a good word to decribe children, but when you leave your kids behind and blame other people for your wrong choice its not the childs fault but when you say i wish I never had kids, or wish you was alone in a house full of cats, to the child you hate them thats how you plant seeds in there head about you. The ingnorance of the words that is thought in your head. Leaving them,Starving them, blaming them for whats wrong with you. The words you use around your child about the other parents to other people make kids feel like there the problem but there just kids they dont know unless you teach them there not the problem. If you just take a step back and just think of how a child stores information in there heads, every word is recorded and played over and over until they begin to cry and say Why dont he/she wants us , what did we do and the other parent has to comforts the emotions and space that you empty out of the children. Then grades dropped and they acting out at school cause of a mental breakdown of the thoughts from hearing your voice repeating words of negligence and power that they cant hold together. How can you neglect your parent hood of your own childrens, How can you look at them and say I Love you and they saying back to you in there heads Do you even know how to love us, or is that just for yourself and your guilt you carry around. ……………..Need I say more!!!!!!!


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