The way I would treat you if I was you man!!


I have this thing about a lady that I do, its called……… Treat you like a lady!

  1. Look and study your way of life so I can become part of it

2.Be Kind and listen to you when you speak and even when you siient

3 Pay attention so I can get mention in every sentence and thought you use

4 love your faults so we can leave them in the past we all make mistakes

5 focus on the masterpiece you are

6.Dont lie or cheat l

7 build a strong foundation

8 Love God together

9 never be afraid of Commitment(Marriage)

10.Stick it threw , and attack whatever together

I would always cherish you and  how you operate, I will always listen to your day and help you to vent when its time. Allow you to be a lady and have your back and support you when its time.  I may bend but I dont break walk on me and see. I may strain but your strength I will gain. I will show you how to walk on roses and the red carpet by always noticing  your worth. I know time goes fast but why when you walk every second seems like 4 minutes when you talk its like I see a lady who been hurt but I will be your pain,tears,fears,shoulder to cry on. I have a heart of gold that need a shine from a lovely women smile. I  love your style your hair, your kids,and your family cause the connection is so strong that it blows the wind in the opposite direction. Let me be your cover ill catch every drop of rain, stone,ray of light  let me be your cover for life I don’t get tired I may get old and other things but I will never leave or crush you. Ill take the time to listen to every sound in your words and your voice is so powerful that it changes heart beats. I have been speechless when you look into my eyes. Im weak cause Love have a hold of me. Touch me and trust me to be that faithful,loyal,dedicated man you need, not want. But when God comes into the picture thats when mountains move and lights get brighter Im a man of God first and flesh second. Baby Im not perfect but I am your man but who am I to beg but for you Im on one knee. Im so deep into you that you can feel me threw the night running threw your mind body and soul. Just want a chance to show you how a man suppose to treat a lady!! Baby i know we got alot to discuss, I know im asking alot but baby just trust!!


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