A Good Woman.





A good Woman will not leave when the time gets bad

she will stick around for a good man she never had

Somebody who would love what you do for her

never leave you a vision of her in a blur

She always makes her man smile

a mother to their beautiful child

someone who stick around and have your back when times get wild

a good woman is the backbone 

someone who will always take care of home

and never treat her man wrong.

We need a strong woman

A woman who bring less stress

but can bring out her mans best

I love a woman cause she knows where she stands

and knows how to let her man be a man.

I love a woman who knows when to let all hang out

and not afraid to let her man know and let it out.

Somebody who is willing to take the role

not controlled but who is loving and complete from her mans soul 

A woman who is woman and not a man 

the women who deserve a diamond on her hand!!!


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