Definition of sexy!!




Sexy is so deep 

its laying your head on my chest between the sheets
But sexy is more than just a thought
is more like a rule better yet a law
first let me read you your rights
when you put on them heels its so nice but polite 
Have me thinking of things with so much passion
sexy is what I want but love is what im asking
I love the legs and the dress
my mind is so free and less stress
my,my,my Im so impressed
when I wake up next to you
and look at you even in your sleep its beautiul
its calm,relaxed,settled,refreshing
your sexiness is so eye catching 
that just to see two of you I just look at your reflection 
The smell from your body bring flowers to life
that when you walk lands starts to unite
and yes your sexiness is that nice.
Baby Baby Goodnite…you sexy alright!!!!


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