Mind Blowing night!!!!!




can I borrow your mind

just to fast forward and put it in rewind

Looking at you I wanna taste

but not yet ill wait

so I stare at you to get you

kiss you just to convience you

touch you just to invite you

pull you to excite you

whisper in your ear just to draw you near

kiss you on your neck then you lean your head back

yeah like that, with my hands moving up and down your back

your hand touch my face now you invited me in to your space

I pull you closer to feel your soul connecting with mine

hold on let slow down and have some wine

she said no ,ok fine

So I grab her by her waist so her lips I begin to taste

I must admit I begin to be drawn in to space

So i quickly pushed her away I took off my shirt as she walked my way

with that sexy smile on her face.

Hummm thinkng the definition of sexy is right in front of my face

Now my iips connecting with hers as I grip her thigh 

she likes the firmness of my hand as I looked into her eyes

5’10 dark sexy ass lady need I say anymore 

everytime I touch her body she said more more more…

I laid her on the bed I took off her bra

kissed her breast as she rubbed my head

I went down and lick her leg and apple bottom 

So i took off the G-string and my,my,my

spread her legs and start licking the click

as her legs reached futher and futher to the sky

I took my hands and spreaded the lip and lick it fast

so her mind can do back flips and then I spack that ass

She squeezed her legs and begin to shake

grab my arm and said come here your lips I wanna taste

She rolled me over and kiss me on my chest and now down to my six pack

Unbuckling my pants smiling saying baby im your newest and last fan.

She took my man in her mouth…………….dammmn thats what Im talking about

she put it on her tongue  and said come make love to me

I slowly laid her down on her back and entered her. I proceeded to go in and out

as Mr. Devine came out her mouth. It was wet and hot as she said that her spot.

I went deeper and she got freakier. her eyes rolled backed into her head as she slowly grab my head

I turned her over as she show cased me a world class ass,I smacked it and it came back I again entered her as she relaxed her self and said make love to me and rub me but give it to me

I start off slow just to enjoy the show 

as I gripped her hips and watch me enter her repeatly

She climax as I went in deeply over and over

as she was covered in sweat she said im not finished yet

I know babe im a vet while my heart beated fast in my chest

I laid on the bed she got on top and started to ride

I can feel all her inside and the excitment in her eyes

she turned around and put her hands on my chest and gave it to me as I released my jets.

She looked at me and said babe I must confess you are the best now I must rest………





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