Soul Mate




You every meet someone that you can talk to for hours and when you see each other its and instant attraction and no one word comes out but mentally your thinking  what should I say; ‘LOL” its like when you hug its like a feeling you get in a dream and you just don’t wanna wake up. Somebody  punch me cause its that powerful. When people treat you like crap and then you bitter as hell cause how people treated you maybe God wanted it that way so you can love somebody the same way you love. Then its unthinkable and you be like its to good to be true. I cant even speak right now only write down what a wonderful dreamlike experience it was. When you touch me its like a magnetic field you drawing all the power out of me, Im weak to your scent and i’m weak for your presence, but I’m loyal to your love , and Im faithful to God to bless our souls. and dedicated to you and our children. but motivated to see what happens next. Im right here how would you approach me ,Okay I see the same way I approached you. the soft skin,kiss,curves,energy,passion,hots spots and begging for more is all signs of love making. Turning each other on, and the volume is way pass high and its gets higher than neither one of us can look down only upwards to our future. How can I tell cause it shows up in your eyes especially when you smile when the glare bounce of your pupil in to my space(circle) it really excitement me to be the man that God wanted me to be for me and you and our kids. Baby here I am, I’m surly not afraid only wanna save someone like you from another broken heart.   Soul mates =SECRETS OF USING LOVE and MASTERING ALL TEMPTATION ESPECIALLY SIN 


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