I’m a Beast!!!!





I’M A BEAST!!!!!!

I’ve been through wars with life

ungrateful people and a unfaithful wife

Cleaned myself and got myself right

picked myself up and walked down the road with little light

I’M A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stood strong  and alone

and came out of the storm without a broken bone

I walked with the best when I had no where to rest

but still competed in the contest 

I back down from no one but God

I’M A BEAST!!!!!!!

I listen to harsh words

that would leave my heart in a curve

But I had to strengthen that nerve

Had to get rid of the old me a present myself as a man 

stand strong threw the pain

and earthquakes and watch the ground crack beneath me

people tried to bury me in the earth with their actions

but would laugh at me and seek more countless attempt

even from drug dealers,family and even pimps

cant bring me down!!!

I’m a king to my Girls and I where this crown 



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