Leaving us to dry………



When you left and you knew you wasnt coming back

got your money and said Forget them and thats a fact

always look after yourself  

we needed food but you didnt care

we asked for money and some reason you thought it was funny

when your own kids ask you to help out mommy

You was messing around with your dads friend 

when your family was at worlds end

we asked you over and over to come home 

some how I guess that was so wrong

I didnt eat for 4 weeks only the kids

so I did what I did and stuck it out

it was cold with no lights sleeping on the floor with no couch

no bed only wood and a hard head. 

They used me as a pillow which I didnt care 

they said to me dad your doing a good job 

I use to walk them to school and I had no jacket

cause when you love your kids you dont eat and you give them your jacket

You give them meals to eat cause you starve your self so they can eat.

I love my kids and my life even when you was my wife

I worked 10years and you worked one month

now you turn your back and stab us with a knife

It was dark in the apartment and cold I gave them all the cover

so they wouldnt be cold and let them know that daddy love them.

You listen to people outside our house before your own family

thats why the book could never be read,understood and close completely.

The kids called you asked that you help and come home your answer was NO!!

They cried and said dad mom is a lost hope(Their words)

They was nine and seven with depresssion and hate going threw their heads

I had to pray that god heal them and put the pain in my head

thats what you do when your a dad/paent you protect your kids not leave them for dead.

They cried and I was there to catch the tears and stress but I grab them and cleaned up the mess

I learned how to do the girls hair and dress for a man thats sucess.

I bought everything back up cause that was foul

we walked to the store to get one bag of chicken that lasted two month a

and a bag of rice that we couldnt cook cause the pots you took.

Whatever the reason you wanted to say good bye you never burn bridges by leaving us to dry…..


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