She can only be born innocent

with a great mind and knowledge of great sense

but when you take that away and touch her face

then in her mind you become a enemy in her own human race

how can you touch grip her body in the way you cant imagine in your own mind

the cuts the swollen marks that is a tattoo on her body deeply and fined

the tear you see falling down her face 

just because you grew up in a hard but lonely place

Look at her cause she cant look at you 

because her vision is blur and her eyes are black and blue

Now she have fallen on the hard floor

and she cries and crawls for the door

You kick her cause of your past

Your a victim in your own nightmare but yet you dont care

You look at her  as if she was a criminal who abuse you 

but you can only act ugly cause you feel confused

But to her you can use and abuse but yet smile and be amused

now she struggle to breathe and looks at your eyes 

which is filled with blood and anger that runs your insides

how can you leave me you say but you beat her everyday

look at her and now you sorry for acting a fool

but she reacts and its not cruel 

she runs downstairs but you kick her back and tear off her underwear

but she in pain but raping her next is a common affair

She screams you bloody her mouth  and shes in daze 

cause of all the blood that her body have let out

you abuse her,misuse her, and fool her but she is not all the way script 

so she pass out and awake and cant move 

scared of you she curled up and remain nude

tell me how can you say you love her but fake it

and leave her beaten,raped and naked!!!!


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