Black Man!!




Look at me Im black ,I mean black and blue

im a black man but who are you

Do you like my swag,my pants I sag

You walk like me talk like me but your not me 

A BLack man who you wanna be  you cant dress like me 

you cant even talk like me not even dance like me cause this me

Im a black man with tatoos on his hands

Im a changed black man now I have plans

you can have the swag and sagging pants

Im a real black man with goals not gold

and especially not the ladies you call hoes

Im a Black man one in a million maybe a few

that may stick around just to tell my kids thank you

Im a black man you cant be me especially when Im educated like you

have money like you,even have a house like you

but I can be you but you cant be a black man

Im a real black man without handcuffs on his wrist

loving his wife kiss, a father in his children life cause that he would hate to miss

Im a real Black man that had hard times, to find a dime but yet Im Fine

cause i due time Ill have mine and I dont even have to press rewind

Im a real black man that stand tall but yet to fall

my car may stall, but you cant keep me behind these prison walls

with just one phone call, it would be the last time I walk these halls

Im a real black man that you cant even decribe, but racism you hide

especially when a white man kills a black man you hear his cry

but when its vice versa when lose our life, but you wanna walk like me

talk like me dress like me have a swag like me,where pants like me but 

first you must be a real black man like me.


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