In the moment of fire

your touch is at my Desire 

Your love is not a contract only like a career

but wil that push me higher

Looking at the clouds that surround my face

floating on your trust is a steady pace

how can you look so wonderful and sexy at the same time

its all about the connection and the signs you find

how can I feel so free up here

this love I surely dont wanna disappear 

I Love you to my eyes shut and start to dream

Looking forward to the journey of the thoughts in my head

somebody wake me ,then again dont I love dreams that take you far far away

The scent off your neck that enter my nose  smells like a red rose

Your Skin is so clear and pure that iit quiets  the lions roar

take my hand and cut me and take my blood

mix it with yours so we can always be 

that love that Romeo and Juliet  couldnt see

How can I just lay and watch you sleep

all because you make  a difference in me.


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