Life is Life



Poetic, magical,fireworks, and sunshine

Erotic,independent,stable, Enable

explaination none is needed only the wind blows when you open your eyes

moths,sun rays,clear water and soft as a butterfly

compare,parallel,same thoughts,a gentle thought

nature,fresh air,motherhood,childhood,minds are full

God,creations,the beginning, and also the ending

Attitudes,fools,wise men,,kindness, and gentlemen

Luxury,leather,breezy weather,a long soft feather

Softness,baby skin,innocence,true feelings

Children,Everything, soft voice sings,first words, Gods angel wings

Food,the smell,the taste,heat from the meat and garden from the salad

Life, control,power,everyone has their hour, even a fresh flower

Spring,Seasons,change,at the sound of rain

Beauty,skin deep,the way you sleep,your sexy feet,I would love to stay and repeat

Follow,maps,gps,area,not there, but the time spent is impressive

Ladies,wonderful mind,kind but sweet,like a smell of pine

Money happy,broke, very snappy,sex is so demanding

Words speech,essay,but yet nothing to say, on a daily routine

Relationships,nice hips,Love will make you do backward flips

Pain, no gain ,but stress, leads to years of life , very less

Drugs,no hugs, only the love from a thug,cause you holding a grudge

Leadership,life grips, you by the throat cause your soul have a rip

Suggestion,often asked question leads to answers that sont need any corrections

life lessons,blessings,money and its ways of processing

Emotions, tears, your scared of your own fears

Face it, race it catch up to it and replace it




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