The things you find…….



You may throw me away
But I won’t cracked or break
I’m like gold deep in the ocean
Like love it’s a circular motion
But get dizzy that door don’t open
It’s too much that you can’t touch
But feel but it hurts so Damn much
Words cut deeper threw the flesh
Scar don’t heal but soon you will blush
Tears,fears but concentration on years
That pain can over come what you hear
Don’t be blind to what’s real inside
Ignoring what you see don’t close your eyes
Your face will soon be watered with tears on the side
Anger grow within the places where you have kindness
But you fight but you can’t rewind this
It’s a memory that keeps playing over and over
You leave him the same pattern draws itself over
But when you step outside the box
You find out its filled with large heavy rocks
The things we find that’s stored in our minds
Is only hurt built up over time wow the things we find.


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