How do you pickup broken glass without a cut
Piece by piece with out and pain or relief
Tell me how do you justify the sound of glass breaking
Like when your heart Is shaking from The sound of breaking
Looking at the ceiling with no movement of any kind
God gave you eyes now why was I blind
Pure, straight to the point of being crossed
Path and balance thrown way off
Words stressed to get threw and out of your mouth
But bite your tongue just so you won’t taste the salt
Bitter and confused of what happened
Nothing just your face has been slapped
Bruised and rude and black and blue
No blows but who knows where it would go love always show
Kiss make love spend time ,time flies it’s been along ride but everyone cry
Memories life changing moments, exit wounds, breaking points,
Pointing Fingers, attitudes, who right who’s wrong, sad songs
Missing you, falling tears broken years degree high careers
Long years of marriage, broken families, kids do drugs drink beer
Success a fear, .motivation in gear, love is a career,graduation a tear
Being broken is always  near…….


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