A conversation



In life we meet people and never realized why but in most cases we think we know everything in life just cause of what we been threw. But maybe because in our minds were still in that controlling abusive relationship but in reality were not. So we tend to push people away that’s actually trying to love you the way you wanna be loved accepting kids and our flaws and past mistakes. We rather run than listen to the truth and understand what the truth is. We may react differently as men. But in some ways people who been threw alot tend to draw this picture of how there next companion should be but in reality your painting the picture but your still in the past where you don’t wanna be. Look at it this way can you drive in the review mirror..”no you cant”” if so you will keep getting into an accident. So people don’t realize it but we won’t something new but when we get it we still hold on to something bad which draws a line right between them. Some say they want this but can’t handle what God give them. Meaning the way a person talk does not define signs of abusive behavior does. Maybe your body moved on but your mind is still behind. I have this saying that my uncle told me “”A man move forward not backwards””  maybe some don’t get that but you should apply it to your life. When a person accepts everything about you and your kids and flaws and facts and everything maybe you should think about what made you feel that way instead of worrying about the way they say their words. You can’t take a suit and tie man and make him out of a blue collar man. Then you may not like the change.  You can’t fall in love with someone you trying to change because it’s them your falling in love with its your image of who you wanna be with.. Maybe we all need a reality check but in some cause it already happen you just have to realize it. I’m an imperfect person but I do take a woman for who she is not what I want her to be. I may run from stress or comfortation but I always confront it first then move on from the devil of it. The devil love breaking up marriages or this before it get to that point but as long as you allow him to he will. I love everyone especially if you was 309 pounds God don’t judge us then why should we judge ourselves. God took the sin that we had a bleed for us and he didn’t ask us to change he took the blame for everything maybe you have a person who has a heart like God and take all the blame just to see you happy. Even the person is trying to earn your trust by being honest doesn’t mean you should break your trust with them. In most cases people look at honest as being a way to find more things out to just walk away rather than to stay. Make sure you think then speak cause you might find yourself the weakest link in your own words. You can’t draw a picture then erase it later cause you don’t like it later on cause the original is always better. Their are reason people come into your life but women know within 30 seconds if he’s a keeper and men know with the first minute if she’s a wife or just something passing threw. When somebody is telling you something don’t just hear the bad in it cause you could be missing your blessing in life. Somebody once told me they have their place , money and career together so I need  you to get it together. This is my reply to that I’m together mentally and spiritually I can’t take money a career with me but where I’m going God have a place for me so yes I’m together. Money don’t make me God make me together my mind is not spreaded.  It’s calm and real. Money wise I’m thankful for  a career in my business.  I Love how people take words and change them around and say the oddest things but those are the people we fall in love with cause that’s who they are. Especially for those people that say I want a person to be there for me but when they come along you push them away. They say people are afraid of success but in reality we are afraid of progress of improving our thought process cause of how the world is.   I don’t hate anyone I just wish for once we could just not follow the negative side of life.


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