To my sister I’m so proud of you. I know they say that you should watch older people to grow up and learn what happiest is and how to live your life  but I wanna say to my lovely sister that you change my train of thought last night. I now look up to you. From the friendly smile to your circle of support you have around you. I never told nobody that I always wanted to graduate college and have college friends and have that lifestyle but it didn’t happen trust me I love my girls and our family. I was so.proud to see you smile and have fun and I was honored to say  let’s go 11 cause I always wanted to be a number  that people screamed out while I stood in line. I have signed up for online school but I didn’t know you can still pledge when you get to my age until I seen number 15  wow I really enjoyed last night. So for the next 90 days I have to change for me and my kids so I have a challenge 90 day to stay focus 100 of my weight business and the kids  and learning how to separate money. I love you alot and I’m so proud of you. So I’m deleting my Facebook and making a business page and when I get done I’ll only have 10 friends that’s include family cause people can be a poison in your life . I think BJ is good for you and  by Christmas I’ll be different  mentally and physically but it’s time for me to grow up and realize life goes on past mistakes. I love your energy. I’m deleting alot of people out if my life and don’t really care about there view on it. I will be attending GA perimeter next January and start my own line steppin lol. Even when people don’t call me from family to friends I just learn that there not neither if they can’t call. So I love you and I was happy to see you succeed . Now we have to get to graduation.  Keep up the good work.:-)sighhhhhh:-) I Love you! And you are Flawless Destiny…
Mattox Transportation


A stranger with a familiar face



A stranger with a familiar face
is it you I’m trying to erase
Or did the situation take another pace
You haven’t even seen your child’s face
But she’s beautiful  and shes okay
Her voice is soft and innocent
Our marriage I had to get rid of it
there were beating and some cheating
Another woman came along so I stop competing
You call and think I’m still here
Divorcing you was my greatest fear
Look at the reason and season we departed
She’s a stranger to you and that’s the hardest
Humm seems so hard to see what the past was
I let go and moved on for her
Her name is the smell of roses
Her love keeps me going instead of frozen
I love my life for what I have chosen
I keep the wheel Rollings
I stay in between the lanes
When she says mommy I love you
I tear up and never would I give up
She’s 4 now she smiles and frown
But never do I turn her down.
When she laugh and cry
There was never a hello or a good bye
She wouldn’t know you or you know her if you looked each other in the eye.
Wow the day you get asked the question why?

Outside hand in a relationship. .


Look at the views of your decision
Views are destroyed like a Collison
Not even open to a different vision
Close minded opening up is a different mission
Not what you think when you see that love is different than Lust
Lust comes with no choice a loud voice and no trust
Love don’t fuss just strengthen like the earth crusts
Stress keeps up mess Lust u don’t give your best
Love brings out your very best no matter the test
Lust makes you take other people decision and live threw them
Love makes you make it your own with her or him
Look at the test that you failed
Heard something and quickly bailed
Decision are made within you not no one else
Live threw your heart and soul
Not no else selfish goals and confirmation that you was told
Money is greed love is free but Lust it must be
Cause love is only between you and me
Trust is earned cause I have be burned
But if you don’t know today you will learn
And my decision is firm…….




Open a little
Laugh at the riddle
While you lay back on the pillow
Exercise your jaws and face muscles
This is not just a hustle
More like a mind puzzle
Laughing out loud
Feeling proud
Being sad , please tell me how
Cause I’m feeling great
With new people and less people to hate
Moved on to beauty
With a new community
Loving the sunrise and the glow in your eyes life is  a dream but comes with a complicated surprise,; motivated to change things from things I bought to good thoughts and less faults. Unfolding from the walls and corners that surround me to a man of honors
From a wig to a weed  that grow up and succeed unwind to tell the story that is untold but words that is bold and life with no hold let me introduce myself I’m unfold.





Most if not all are a shadow in there on actions
But hate when people say one word then there’s a bad reaction
Everybody isn’t what you had seen in the past
But very shadow to what’s at task
Look at the motion of the words that comes off your tongue
Deadly isn’t the word that comes from leaving someone’s feeling hurt
The notation that comes from your quotation isn’t something to be motivated but yet the opposite of flirtation with a lil perfection cause
Learning is learning but to do that you have to allow the new direction
With a smile and new correction.
Look back and understand the lesson and what followed it
Then revisit and look at me and ask yourself I’m I what you miss
Or was it a real trick.
You can’t close your eyes and wonder when is a good time to open them
But just maybe if you allow yourself to dream a little and awake well rested not feeling that every word is a test
Only a way to show you a different profile but different style wow
Look at the action and satisfaction of my class and fashion of the mind
curves straight up and down are all different signs of the way the mind thinks and the way you will blink. Follow the body action of a person not the words cause it could be a different way than your use to. Look at the terms of the relationship is it something that is quite new and yes I’m speaking to you. don’t look confuse, but it’s a pleasure to let you know
That it’s not longer a single show its a play with characters lines with reality of the way things need to be and need is not a control word but a verb to have your mind how to heal from the hurt. Don’t block out what you asked for and God Is trying to let them in cause it may just be the end if you live in the past and you let that control what you will allow in. Diamonds comes with rings finger comes with nothing you tell me. Do you wanna be part of something?

when will my mind be free!!



When will my mind not match my skin

when will we stop call each other the word ‘N”

when can I go somewhere and people say hello

when will people stop be scared and locking their car door

when will I be free from your faults and guilty verdicts

when will we stop killing each other and Love one another

When wil we stop calling women whores and Bitch

when will you call my name and stop thinking of someones else to blame

do you even know my name its not Monkey,Gorilla,or Boy Its Mr.

when is it right to say no to what you don’t want in this world 

when is it ok to kiss a white,asia,chinese,indian, girl

when is ok to stop looking at my money so you can figure out how to break the bank

when is ok to say yes im not black but im the same rank

when is ok to look forward to life with the miscues of racism  and life without the world judging you

when is ok to stop worrying about being hungry 

when is ok to stop being so selfish

when is ok to stop using money before using God

when is ok to pray in school and allow people to pray among themselves 

when is ok to use the same learning technique 

when is ok to pay women the same as a man 

when is it ok to walk  hand and hand

just to say I do this because I can 


My space!!!



My space is a space where I go when things get too much

Im a rock you can lean on me without me getting stuck

I get bad words from people everyday but it dont ruin my day or put wrinkles on  my face

I get attitudes from people when just askin a smple question but my mind is settled

people Take me as a soft weak man, but stress isnt part of the plan

but you live and deal with it, cause its to much bull with shit

I can look and not show any emotion thats because I ignore instead on joining the camotion 

I love the people that think they know me but acting one way and cold to your face

I look at people and say ok and let it go and just let them flow

I cant be around people with a negative vibe they bring you down

cause they hate to see a king that carry his crown

I love being happy joking and goofy and silly because it brings peace

so I just keep on being me cause I hate being fake

thats why I Love my space!!!!