My space!!!



My space is a space where I go when things get too much

Im a rock you can lean on me without me getting stuck

I get bad words from people everyday but it dont ruin my day or put wrinkles on  my face

I get attitudes from people when just askin a smple question but my mind is settled

people Take me as a soft weak man, but stress isnt part of the plan

but you live and deal with it, cause its to much bull with shit

I can look and not show any emotion thats because I ignore instead on joining the camotion 

I love the people that think they know me but acting one way and cold to your face

I look at people and say ok and let it go and just let them flow

I cant be around people with a negative vibe they bring you down

cause they hate to see a king that carry his crown

I love being happy joking and goofy and silly because it brings peace

so I just keep on being me cause I hate being fake

thats why I Love my space!!!!


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