when will my mind be free!!



When will my mind not match my skin

when will we stop call each other the word ‘N”

when can I go somewhere and people say hello

when will people stop be scared and locking their car door

when will I be free from your faults and guilty verdicts

when will we stop killing each other and Love one another

When wil we stop calling women whores and Bitch

when will you call my name and stop thinking of someones else to blame

do you even know my name its not Monkey,Gorilla,or Boy Its Mr.

when is it right to say no to what you don’t want in this world 

when is it ok to kiss a white,asia,chinese,indian, girl

when is ok to stop looking at my money so you can figure out how to break the bank

when is ok to say yes im not black but im the same rank

when is ok to look forward to life with the miscues of racism  and life without the world judging you

when is ok to stop worrying about being hungry 

when is ok to stop being so selfish

when is ok to stop using money before using God

when is ok to pray in school and allow people to pray among themselves 

when is ok to use the same learning technique 

when is ok to pay women the same as a man 

when is it ok to walk  hand and hand

just to say I do this because I can 



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