Most if not all are a shadow in there on actions
But hate when people say one word then there’s a bad reaction
Everybody isn’t what you had seen in the past
But very shadow to what’s at task
Look at the motion of the words that comes off your tongue
Deadly isn’t the word that comes from leaving someone’s feeling hurt
The notation that comes from your quotation isn’t something to be motivated but yet the opposite of flirtation with a lil perfection cause
Learning is learning but to do that you have to allow the new direction
With a smile and new correction.
Look back and understand the lesson and what followed it
Then revisit and look at me and ask yourself I’m I what you miss
Or was it a real trick.
You can’t close your eyes and wonder when is a good time to open them
But just maybe if you allow yourself to dream a little and awake well rested not feeling that every word is a test
Only a way to show you a different profile but different style wow
Look at the action and satisfaction of my class and fashion of the mind
curves straight up and down are all different signs of the way the mind thinks and the way you will blink. Follow the body action of a person not the words cause it could be a different way than your use to. Look at the terms of the relationship is it something that is quite new and yes I’m speaking to you. don’t look confuse, but it’s a pleasure to let you know
That it’s not longer a single show its a play with characters lines with reality of the way things need to be and need is not a control word but a verb to have your mind how to heal from the hurt. Don’t block out what you asked for and God Is trying to let them in cause it may just be the end if you live in the past and you let that control what you will allow in. Diamonds comes with rings finger comes with nothing you tell me. Do you wanna be part of something?


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