A stranger with a familiar face



A stranger with a familiar face
is it you I’m trying to erase
Or did the situation take another pace
You haven’t even seen your child’s face
But she’s beautiful  and shes okay
Her voice is soft and innocent
Our marriage I had to get rid of it
there were beating and some cheating
Another woman came along so I stop competing
You call and think I’m still here
Divorcing you was my greatest fear
Look at the reason and season we departed
She’s a stranger to you and that’s the hardest
Humm seems so hard to see what the past was
I let go and moved on for her
Her name is the smell of roses
Her love keeps me going instead of frozen
I love my life for what I have chosen
I keep the wheel Rollings
I stay in between the lanes
When she says mommy I love you
I tear up and never would I give up
She’s 4 now she smiles and frown
But never do I turn her down.
When she laugh and cry
There was never a hello or a good bye
She wouldn’t know you or you know her if you looked each other in the eye.
Wow the day you get asked the question why?


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