Outside hand in a relationship. .


Look at the views of your decision
Views are destroyed like a Collison
Not even open to a different vision
Close minded opening up is a different mission
Not what you think when you see that love is different than Lust
Lust comes with no choice a loud voice and no trust
Love don’t fuss just strengthen like the earth crusts
Stress keeps up mess Lust u don’t give your best
Love brings out your very best no matter the test
Lust makes you take other people decision and live threw them
Love makes you make it your own with her or him
Look at the test that you failed
Heard something and quickly bailed
Decision are made within you not no one else
Live threw your heart and soul
Not no else selfish goals and confirmation that you was told
Money is greed love is free but Lust it must be
Cause love is only between you and me
Trust is earned cause I have be burned
But if you don’t know today you will learn
And my decision is firm…….


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