To my sister I’m so proud of you. I know they say that you should watch older people to grow up and learn what happiest is and how to live your life  but I wanna say to my lovely sister that you change my train of thought last night. I now look up to you. From the friendly smile to your circle of support you have around you. I never told nobody that I always wanted to graduate college and have college friends and have that lifestyle but it didn’t happen trust me I love my girls and our family. I was so.proud to see you smile and have fun and I was honored to say  let’s go 11 cause I always wanted to be a number  that people screamed out while I stood in line. I have signed up for online school but I didn’t know you can still pledge when you get to my age until I seen number 15  wow I really enjoyed last night. So for the next 90 days I have to change for me and my kids so I have a challenge 90 day to stay focus 100 of my weight business and the kids  and learning how to separate money. I love you alot and I’m so proud of you. So I’m deleting my Facebook and making a business page and when I get done I’ll only have 10 friends that’s include family cause people can be a poison in your life . I think BJ is good for you and  by Christmas I’ll be different  mentally and physically but it’s time for me to grow up and realize life goes on past mistakes. I love your energy. I’m deleting alot of people out if my life and don’t really care about there view on it. I will be attending GA perimeter next January and start my own line steppin lol. Even when people don’t call me from family to friends I just learn that there not neither if they can’t call. So I love you and I was happy to see you succeed . Now we have to get to graduation.  Keep up the good work.:-)sighhhhhh:-) I Love you! And you are Flawless Destiny…
Mattox Transportation


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