From opening doors
To pulling out chairs
To helping with the grocery bags
Keep smiling even when she nags
From cooking a full dinner
Please no microwaved dinners
Please no test on how they are
Drive her around in her own car
Look at her hair as it blows in the wind
Being faithful is not a sin
Making the bed and folding clothes
To when she’s so sick and u wiping her nose.
Lotion her beautiful temple
Being a gentlemen is that simple
Lay out the red carpet on the floor
She’s your lady but she worth a lot more
Look at her hand how the skin connects
And it would look good with a wedding set
Be that man that can secure her needs
Be there if the cuts bleeds
Carry her if her feet hurts
Massage her shoulder she’s tense
Tell her you love her and that’s what you really meant..


A letter to God!!


 God im your servant I only serve you

I Love you for my blessing  as well as my lesson

Im indeed not perfect  cause I bleed on the surface

On judgment day the sin will be erased

and everybody will see your face and shout for grace

every knee shall bow please end the pain and come down

I love you for the words you speak and the love you seek

I love you for the blood you shed on the cross

I love you for your pain you took for us and you never complained or fussed

but we get mad at words beating you took and cleaned our sins

What a mighty God we serve.

I would of carried the cross and took the pain

and covered you if the sky started to rain

Nails in your  foot and hands

most people would of ran but here God I stand

Thorns in the skulls and blood in your eyes

but yet you still looked up to the sky

and they stabbed you in the side

God i dont understand why we do things we hate

but we ask for forgiveness as  we get on our knees

but we then again repeat

We call your name in vain but I do pray this world change.

Love is used to hurt, and as a curse

but we used sex as if were playing in the dirt

we use money to replace you

instead of using it on food

How can we serve you when we cant even

say to each other I love you.

Marriages are so cripple

Women destroying their beautiful temple

The women disrespect their husband

The man cheating on his wife vice versa

their are stuff you never heard of 

but you know what I dont

you see what I cant see

But God I love you thank you for my kids and keep blessing me!!


You not ready for me!!



You not ready me cause I know your not

Ready for a man that work and bust the clock

you not ready for me , hell I cant even handle me

you cant even submit to my leadership

bags pack ready to jump ship better yet you delete me

and you say you built this house with stones and bricks

but you hang out with those broke single chicks

you say words to crack the walls in this house

the devil try and come in but I will just throw him out

You suppose to protect this house when Im not hear

I dont need tears I need a soilder with no fear

I work and pay the bills and you wear the heels

get it straight cause I’m a man and no one takes may place

I may submit to your needs

I need love not the greed of money that makes the world bleeds

i may submit to your heart

you cant control this devil “GET OUT!!!” this family will not fall apart

Stand still, you may can move me

but you cant move who i am

I have God a protecting me

My family, souls, my life

I dont wanna little girl I wanna a wife

So devil get ready go get you soilders and troops and prepare for war

You not ready for what I have in store!!!!!



You asked me if you could marry her

I then turned to him and said I have a few question for you both

First daughter do you submit to his leadership and protect your king (yes)

Son do you submit to her needs (yes)

Son would you die for her (yes)

Son wait no no no not the physical way

cause thats way to easy

would you die for her selfishness 

and give up your strong point to become weak for her!(yes..Yes..yes)

 I say to you my daughter daddy is nolonger your bestfriend..

Love isn’t easy!



Love is hard like quicksand

you have to watch where you stand

it gets hard and we all test each other

but it takes hard work to become lovers

You don’t know if you can survive the struggle

all because of the long strong tuggle

but if you survive the fight in the dog

then fighting for love is not hard at all

you wanna kiss and may love in the sheets

but you don’t wanna get in the ring with me

look at the outcome of the long hours of the battle

and see all the cuts and bruises 

bought more anger and you about to lose it

walk out, no I wanna stay I’m confused

you don’t know if you have enough fuel 

to last out today and its views

wow look at your face when you laugh and frown

now love comes hard cause you use to always get put down

abuse from words that have a short definition 

now you have to either deal with it or walk away from the competition 

I Love you was the next thing they mention

but it really doesn’t matter cause there’s alot of Tension

 But reflect on red flags not what they can do in the kitchen

its a game of death and give all until nothings left

Lies comes out but can’t you believe what they say

or maybe you just look the other way

and walk away……..or maybe stay

its hard to say cause your heart holds on

but your mind moves on and there’s a different tone

roll the dice and hit a seven twice 

roll snakes eyes and say your good byes

 cause love isn’t easy..


The Kiss!!!!



The curves of your skin 

The nerves that sits within

Lipstick no matter the color

white teeth can you tell I love her

the sound of her kiss

smile you will miss

taste of the tongue

is like fresh smell roses

connection of no rejection

softness and chills 

you ever been there

when you kiss

sideways front faced

a memory that cant be erased

is the lips on your face.

Learned a lesson



How many of us do stuff and find out it was a mistake

you try something then something fall and break

You let things blind you and almost kill you

then you wonder how did things became so cloudy and blue

The roots of all evil is always around the world

from seduction,sex,money and sexy girls

people buy into this grieve and look at what is on the surface

and not whats buried underneath the ground

and when it gets hot and has had enough

it comes out and you ignore it and call it bluff

only when things fall apart is when people change their hearts

overrule the judge say your guilty now your alone in the dark

why did it have to happen to me I didn’t lie all I did was agree

but you must admit everybody has a hard head that sometimes bleed

everybody always makes a wrong turn

but is it worth losing everything and watching it burn

I learned how to accept whats in front of me

Next time Ill just have to let it be

Life you live, air you breathe 

life is a lesson if your mind say no Please let it be.