You birth me into this world
I came out bald and no curls
I was short and under weight
I remember you welcome me when I kissed your face
I remember my first words
And your smile from a voice that I never heard
My first steps was so hard
I even remember you signing my first birthday card
I remember the voice in my head said mama
I even remember my first  pajamas
I remember you sweet gentle voice  when you use to yell at me
I even remember my first beating
I love the suits for easter especially the shoes
This world you will always rule
I remember my first fall
You said boy get up be a man
Cause a man always know how to keep standing
I remember when I watch you drive
I was scared but we still made it there alive
I remember kissing you and aggravating you
But you never stop saying I Love You
I remember you at church praising God
You use to hit my leg when my head started to nod.
I love when you use to come home from work
Always cook and never complained that your body hurts
I remember you taking pictures with me my sisters and  brother
Happy mothers day to our favorite and only mother!


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