are you proud with the color and body that you’re in

from the hair to your smooth sexy skin.

Look at the curves of your lips

from your sexy look to your fingertips.

The way your chest stick out for a lady to touch

the strength in your hands is just too much

Gives her a sudden push a rush.

Take your lovely personality

turn her mind into reality

and show her your mentality 

to be that great chocolate for her

kiss her, make her mind explore

make her throw her hair back and want more

touch her soul and reach for her core

look at the way you make her move

loving your hands of a man 

her heart beating like a marching band

touch her face,leave no trace

only of your space so when your not there even with her eyes close she can still feel your face.

smell your scent of sweetness nothing but refreshments 

Pull her close your chest against her back hold her hips

kiss her neck make her, make her hair flip to one side

so her mind will open up wide and make her dream

such on her neck just to hear her moan or scream

give her chills as if you was using ice cream

make her legs weak draw her mind close

as if she was removing her own clothes.

turn her around kiss her but first give her a rose

smell it together and make beautiful weather

remember a touch is a touch

its doesn’t take long for the mind to remember that much

of a chocolate man that melt in your mouth and in your hands

the taste of his juicy lips will leave you in wonderland 

of this sexy chocolate man.









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