Just saying!!





I like to be in a different place,new face,same grace

but only thing is memories I cant erase

but old things I must face

tell me why do we have to go threwlife and its pains

death gotta be easy cause in life it always rains ,with no gains

why not look at it from a distance

rather than up close all its gonna do is make you choke

who started this disease of pain tell me are you the host

Love is staying in one place for a long time,no matter how much you hit pause and rewind

you may wanna skip or hit fast forward

but the only way to stop is to pull the cord

all you hear is a loud flat line

thats it your out of time.

Im in a new place with a new tape

im painless this I know you must hate

but forgiveness is the key to the new paths gate.



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