Im Done!!!



I’m done with the long road of what follows

I’m tired of people covering me with their shadow

The lies, the late night tears that I cry

The emotion that build up inside

I’m not a roller coaster get off my back i’m not a joy ride

I’m hurting from things that I thought would leave 

 but I feel great, but that doesn’t mean that the cut dont bleed

I hate the way people view me, as a person who have be broken

I’m not dead but maybe i am shattered

but that doesn’t mean I stop climbing my ladder

yes its a road but who can stand and say i’m here and what I been threw doesn’t matter

I’ve be abused verbally but that didn’t effect me 100 percent mentally

I’ve witness the storm and seen the earth crack beneath me

but yet it didn’t destroy me I’m stronger than ever

I can survive any hard and stormy weather

I told you i’m a beast you cant defeat me

i’m my on enemy only I can defeat me

cause even you……………….. cant handle me.

I’m done with the bull and all the stress and its pull

Life with its emptiness and a stomach that’s not even full

but I still have dreams that need to be finished 

beds that need to be maid and roads that need to be paved

I’m no ones slave walking on gravel will always lead you on rocky roads and dark caves.

I’m not the person you see its only a version of who I use to be

I’m a man who’s changing I don’t mean to be mean 

but i’m not perfect so don’t judge me, pray for me

I’m a man i’m only one, my bed has been changed and I’M DONE!!!!



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