Learned a lesson



How many of us do stuff and find out it was a mistake

you try something then something fall and break

You let things blind you and almost kill you

then you wonder how did things became so cloudy and blue

The roots of all evil is always around the world

from seduction,sex,money and sexy girls

people buy into this grieve and look at what is on the surface

and not whats buried underneath the ground

and when it gets hot and has had enough

it comes out and you ignore it and call it bluff

only when things fall apart is when people change their hearts

overrule the judge say your guilty now your alone in the dark

why did it have to happen to me I didn’t lie all I did was agree

but you must admit everybody has a hard head that sometimes bleed

everybody always makes a wrong turn

but is it worth losing everything and watching it burn

I learned how to accept whats in front of me

Next time Ill just have to let it be

Life you live, air you breathe 

life is a lesson if your mind say no Please let it be.



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