Love isn’t easy!



Love is hard like quicksand

you have to watch where you stand

it gets hard and we all test each other

but it takes hard work to become lovers

You don’t know if you can survive the struggle

all because of the long strong tuggle

but if you survive the fight in the dog

then fighting for love is not hard at all

you wanna kiss and may love in the sheets

but you don’t wanna get in the ring with me

look at the outcome of the long hours of the battle

and see all the cuts and bruises 

bought more anger and you about to lose it

walk out, no I wanna stay I’m confused

you don’t know if you have enough fuel 

to last out today and its views

wow look at your face when you laugh and frown

now love comes hard cause you use to always get put down

abuse from words that have a short definition 

now you have to either deal with it or walk away from the competition 

I Love you was the next thing they mention

but it really doesn’t matter cause there’s alot of Tension

 But reflect on red flags not what they can do in the kitchen

its a game of death and give all until nothings left

Lies comes out but can’t you believe what they say

or maybe you just look the other way

and walk away……..or maybe stay

its hard to say cause your heart holds on

but your mind moves on and there’s a different tone

roll the dice and hit a seven twice 

roll snakes eyes and say your good byes

 cause love isn’t easy..



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