A letter to God!!


 God im your servant I only serve you

I Love you for my blessing  as well as my lesson

Im indeed not perfect  cause I bleed on the surface

On judgment day the sin will be erased

and everybody will see your face and shout for grace

every knee shall bow please end the pain and come down

I love you for the words you speak and the love you seek

I love you for the blood you shed on the cross

I love you for your pain you took for us and you never complained or fussed

but we get mad at words beating you took and cleaned our sins

What a mighty God we serve.

I would of carried the cross and took the pain

and covered you if the sky started to rain

Nails in your  foot and hands

most people would of ran but here God I stand

Thorns in the skulls and blood in your eyes

but yet you still looked up to the sky

and they stabbed you in the side

God i dont understand why we do things we hate

but we ask for forgiveness as  we get on our knees

but we then again repeat

We call your name in vain but I do pray this world change.

Love is used to hurt, and as a curse

but we used sex as if were playing in the dirt

we use money to replace you

instead of using it on food

How can we serve you when we cant even

say to each other I love you.

Marriages are so cripple

Women destroying their beautiful temple

The women disrespect their husband

The man cheating on his wife vice versa

their are stuff you never heard of 

but you know what I dont

you see what I cant see

But God I love you thank you for my kids and keep blessing me!!



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