You not ready for me!!



You not ready me cause I know your not

Ready for a man that work and bust the clock

you not ready for me , hell I cant even handle me

you cant even submit to my leadership

bags pack ready to jump ship better yet you delete me

and you say you built this house with stones and bricks

but you hang out with those broke single chicks

you say words to crack the walls in this house

the devil try and come in but I will just throw him out

You suppose to protect this house when Im not hear

I dont need tears I need a soilder with no fear

I work and pay the bills and you wear the heels

get it straight cause I’m a man and no one takes may place

I may submit to your needs

I need love not the greed of money that makes the world bleeds

i may submit to your heart

you cant control this devil “GET OUT!!!” this family will not fall apart

Stand still, you may can move me

but you cant move who i am

I have God a protecting me

My family, souls, my life

I dont wanna little girl I wanna a wife

So devil get ready go get you soilders and troops and prepare for war

You not ready for what I have in store!!!!!


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