From opening doors
To pulling out chairs
To helping with the grocery bags
Keep smiling even when she nags
From cooking a full dinner
Please no microwaved dinners
Please no test on how they are
Drive her around in her own car
Look at her hair as it blows in the wind
Being faithful is not a sin
Making the bed and folding clothes
To when she’s so sick and u wiping her nose.
Lotion her beautiful temple
Being a gentlemen is that simple
Lay out the red carpet on the floor
She’s your lady but she worth a lot more
Look at her hand how the skin connects
And it would look good with a wedding set
Be that man that can secure her needs
Be there if the cuts bleeds
Carry her if her feet hurts
Massage her shoulder she’s tense
Tell her you love her and that’s what you really meant..


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