I’m Talking to you









Should I take off my shirt

Oh” this your husband  cause him I dont wanna hurt

but if its not, I can show whats hot

speak to you in a fashion  with a feeling thats lasting

Now you smiling showing all your white teeth

no no no dont stop its comforting me

now you see how happy you just made me by just standing in front of me

baby I can change you  and i want you to change me and my mind 

white dress scarf sexy OHHH yes your fine

I really like God’s Design

The curves, omly Vowels and no verbs

only gains of a special herb

wow you touch all my nerves

this man you really deserve

but you cant even stand, while holding my hand

devotion  smell of your scented lotion

drip drip wet like the ocean

mind just rising and floating

your heart racing at a fast pace 

chills ran down your spine as I kissed your face

sweet as a ice cream cake, lovely taste

I will love you like this everyday. 



10 Rules to Loving your man!



— Don’t act like you the man in the relationship.

— Trust his word

— Make love to Him like the side lady would.

— Appreciate him for what he do.

— Strip for him  and walk around naked it’s called love.

— Keep your business in your house and in your mouth.

— Submit to his leadership.

— Don’t play mind games leave it on the table.

— Trust him with your money just like you want him to trust you with his.

— Respect him and leave the attitude in the closet.

10 Rules to loving your woman.



— The art of seduction..:-):-):-) actually the first rule is being friends to know her then make her feel like she’s a diamond which is a rare find you have to get to the heart which you find out how by being friends 

— Show her your strength  of how you take care of business when it cone to her heart open the door feed her massage her most important LISTEN to her ..turn your whole body and face her a woman loves a man that focus on her and her needs.

— Always submit to her needs.

— Show her your sensitive to her words her movement the air she breathes and always be there when she needs you cause a great woman will sacrifice anything for a good man.

— Show commitment  stability and your reason for being in her present  and let her know sex is not just sex, tell her you have to know her Mentally to feel her physical as 1

— Don’t cheat or lie leave everything on the table so you can eat better.

— Take the role of your lady and cook and clean .

— Give her a lady day and spoil her get her nails and hair done,buy her that dress she likes.

— Trust her with your passwords and bank account . That’s why it’s called trust.

— Be her king and Have one queen….you only live once make it last.

Lost Souls(Part 2 to Leaving us to dry.


Lost souls,black crows, where is your mind

Hell i don think they even know

Your attitude stinks even when you blink

soul dark and alone your right and everybody else is wrong

The words that comes out  your mouth is the same color of your black blouse

speaking words you cant spell but wanna tell everybody to go to hell

but you may be headed there yourself

Words are poison and pollution to the ear 

dark eyes and space of fear

wish death upon me you say

told God him you would disobey 

Now you eat bite down crush your teeth

bite again then (crush) it did it again

force not to eat but yet you wanna hate me

Grass always seem green on the other side

especially when you tell lies and childrens eyes are never dry

Slept with a married man in his bed while his wife was in the hospital having a baby 

but yet you call me crazy, never clean your ass was lazy

you can cook not gonna lie when you left my life was shook

but I had to learn how to do it on my own  these are childish acts

I thought you said you was grown. yes a clown with his/her mind far gone.

You talked about your mom as if she was a ticking time bomb

but you called her a low down dirty scum

you step father you always hated

saying you wish your mom never traded

your old best friend that loved you to the end

you cut of cause she couldnt drive and she wasnt falling for your new friends negitive vibe

Your kids who you claim to love always called me a idiot and them rats

said it all the time you hate us NOW SHUT UP i wished I lived alone just me and my cats

Me as your husband you lied on our wedding day to my face

and brought the baggage into play and wonder why you sit with a frowning face and divorce this day.

Im nobodies maid you use to say 

you didnt work but had alot to say

but always kicked me in my face 

When money was short and bills I could not pay

so you changed all the plans,

and was on facebook with another man 

So you put cat poop in the carpet

wow now thats heartless

We was in the cold  with no heat 

I sent you money and when we needed help 

somehow you thought that was so funny

You was shopping and club hopping

do your dad know you slept with his friend on his desk in his office

Like your dad who is using a dead mans name 

oh the pain that comes when it rains

Your friend who came into our house and you let violate of home

and you cursed me out when I ask clearly states that you already kissed her A$$$!

you said you tried to keep me fat by cooking what I love to eat cause you know I was gonna eat two plates of

trying to kill me slowly and thats what you call Love

You turned down jobs in field in your degree

but yet you wanna blame all the failure on me

You trashed the house and only left hanging was your blouse

You talked about my mom and said she didnt like you

you said she can go to hell and you didnt care if she was sick or had the flu

I told you my grand dad was dying you said whatever

thats just a bitch in the hospital having your baby

which really hurt but I had to realize Im not the one crazy

Like you told us on Xmas to kiss you a…

well we see who now how class

When I was sick and needed you help

you said no get up and get it yourself.

Like you told me if you seen me having a heart attack

you would walk pass me and let hell take my black heart back

wow imagine being with a woman like that

People always ask how did I survive

I simply say faith and having God inside. 

Now im leaving this alone cause God said so

cause all it is , is the devil attacking my soul, 

I dont hold on I let go!! your a lost soul.



What is this? Part 2


The feeling is very appealing, Love is always willing

beauty is very close and what beautiful toes

a powerful scent that comes off your clothes

almost mad a man just get down and propose

your beautiful like a single rose

the smile that you bring to the table

with you I will be stable  and able and give you a marriage label

chance of love is like fresh air blowing threw the window

beautiful as clear as white snow

Lose all words to say to your face

oh thank you God for this beautiful black race

Never a hidden flaw

wouldnt it be crazy if Love was a law

have rules and regulations to your relations

instead of hearing Good bye people would be saying congradulation

and it would bring more motivation  but only in most cases.

Your hair is so soft and legs is so smooth

sexy like a black sky with a full moon

I wanna know more I hope that is coming soon.

If it was meant to be it would happen

cause Love is pure like sickness 

that only a kiss from you can cure.

Long rides and walks in the park

pic nics and listening to you talk

I had a vision that I cant explain 

no matter the struggle or pain

its worth sitting and waiting threw the storm and the rain.

What is it that feeling that I get when we speak

When our space cross our path intersec 

What is it I dont know I just keep shaking my head

and just  wait and see whats next.

What is it  



What is this?



I felt energy pass threw me once I seen you
Can’t explain. It cause this feeling isn’t new
Feel of positive vibes like the shore the ocean collide
Feeling the same as if we see how thing need to be
Wondering is this just me or is she controlling me
I feel a force bringing me near suddenly cry with no tear
Happiest of being happy and no fear
Watch you walk listening as you walk
The clear of your skin leaves join with no sin
What is this feeling that’s within
I don’t know just don’t want it to end let’s be more friends
How about we be best friends my love will draw you in
And love you to the very end

Black Love!!!!



Black Love is when you look at each other

and stay I love you to one another

When you been together for 40 plus years

been threw all trials and crazy fears

financial hardship,success and failed careers

overlooked that and still lived 

The aging is beautiful from smooth skin

to wrinkles and backs that can’t bend

from single to being best friends

Black Love is energetic to me being poetic

being in love is always suggested.

Eyes sight begins to go blind

if only in time you can press rewind 

to experience black love everytime

I ask if we could be one so many years ago

 I knew when I asked the answer wouldn’t be no

I submit to your need and your silky smooth skin

you will always be my best friend

Black skin no matter where you go

I will always remember black love is good for the soul. 

even when we had kids a boy and two girls

we always comfort each others world

we didn’t live in to much stress

we made sure it was settled before we layed to rest

when we was ill and sick

we always made sure we was there

we never turned our backs and said we didint care

and then we started to lose our hair

Share your black love cause its only fair.