Part 2 Broken Hearted


I still have a broken heart

Hummm But ill be ok

You still on my mind

Why did you waste my time

Guess that’s just you lieing to my face

How would you feel if things was the other way

Could you still make love to me and kiss my face

But I guess so you did that everyday

I need to get out and walk  and ease my mind

Walking and trying to find peace

 Miss excuse me

My my my


 but why is there no smile why only a straight face

Tell me how could I bring a smile to you today

Im sad , im just a empty space

Call me  Ill listen just to take the pain away

Ok but thanks by the way

Still thinking of what you did to me

How do I get you from inside me

I just wanna scream

lay ing here in the river stream

Then their was a thought

I loved you why am I feeling like salt

Me not loving you was never a thought

A number rang to mind

Hello my name is Chelly, Devine is mine

A thought of a fresh voice

Made me think about a different choice

Talking to you made me forget about a certain toy

Your listening  your words really bring me joy

Inspirations of a man not a boy

Im smiling again  and why was I crying

I cant remember im really trying

Then you came back asking me to forgive

You broke my heart find another way to live.

My mind is ok and in peace

Away from the thought  of how you destroyed me.

I was broken hearted before

The only way to deal with it is move on and build a new store

Broken hearted I use to be

but cant let that bother me

Do you like the new me.





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