A new Life( For Dedral Treadwell)!!



A new life 

a baby is an innocent life

a wonderful gift from Christ

A new mom with a smile

painful to birth a beautiful child

worth the screams and cries out loud.

Holding him is such joy

imagining him saying mommy and playing with his new toy

the look into his eyes 

the connection for perfection 

Love is always here never no rejection

Smiles that comes on his face 

now that memory will never erase

your heart full of joy and grace.

The air he breathes and blood that flows threw his veins

the tears that came down your face when he came

he look up to you and say who are you

all you thinking is I love you.

Your first kiss to him 

The glow he puts on your face

just remember this day as his first day

Just beautiful as a crystal vase

A gift from God what a beautiful day.

Keep him in front and he will guide the way..






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