Black Love!!!!



Black Love is when you look at each other

and stay I love you to one another

When you been together for 40 plus years

been threw all trials and crazy fears

financial hardship,success and failed careers

overlooked that and still lived 

The aging is beautiful from smooth skin

to wrinkles and backs that can’t bend

from single to being best friends

Black Love is energetic to me being poetic

being in love is always suggested.

Eyes sight begins to go blind

if only in time you can press rewind 

to experience black love everytime

I ask if we could be one so many years ago

 I knew when I asked the answer wouldn’t be no

I submit to your need and your silky smooth skin

you will always be my best friend

Black skin no matter where you go

I will always remember black love is good for the soul. 

even when we had kids a boy and two girls

we always comfort each others world

we didn’t live in to much stress

we made sure it was settled before we layed to rest

when we was ill and sick

we always made sure we was there

we never turned our backs and said we didint care

and then we started to lose our hair

Share your black love cause its only fair.










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