Lost Souls(Part 2 to Leaving us to dry.


Lost souls,black crows, where is your mind

Hell i don think they even know

Your attitude stinks even when you blink

soul dark and alone your right and everybody else is wrong

The words that comes out  your mouth is the same color of your black blouse

speaking words you cant spell but wanna tell everybody to go to hell

but you may be headed there yourself

Words are poison and pollution to the ear 

dark eyes and space of fear

wish death upon me you say

told God him you would disobey 

Now you eat bite down crush your teeth

bite again then (crush) it did it again

force not to eat but yet you wanna hate me

Grass always seem green on the other side

especially when you tell lies and childrens eyes are never dry

Slept with a married man in his bed while his wife was in the hospital having a baby 

but yet you call me crazy, never clean your ass was lazy

you can cook not gonna lie when you left my life was shook

but I had to learn how to do it on my own  these are childish acts

I thought you said you was grown. yes a clown with his/her mind far gone.

You talked about your mom as if she was a ticking time bomb

but you called her a low down dirty scum

you step father you always hated

saying you wish your mom never traded

your old best friend that loved you to the end

you cut of cause she couldnt drive and she wasnt falling for your new friends negitive vibe

Your kids who you claim to love always called me a idiot and them rats

said it all the time you hate us NOW SHUT UP i wished I lived alone just me and my cats

Me as your husband you lied on our wedding day to my face

and brought the baggage into play and wonder why you sit with a frowning face and divorce this day.

Im nobodies maid you use to say 

you didnt work but had alot to say

but always kicked me in my face 

When money was short and bills I could not pay

so you changed all the plans,

and was on facebook with another man 

So you put cat poop in the carpet

wow now thats heartless

We was in the cold  with no heat 

I sent you money and when we needed help 

somehow you thought that was so funny

You was shopping and club hopping

do your dad know you slept with his friend on his desk in his office

Like your dad who is using a dead mans name 

oh the pain that comes when it rains

Your friend who came into our house and you let violate of home

and you cursed me out when I ask clearly states that you already kissed her A$$$!

you said you tried to keep me fat by cooking what I love to eat cause you know I was gonna eat two plates of

trying to kill me slowly and thats what you call Love

You turned down jobs in field in your degree

but yet you wanna blame all the failure on me

You trashed the house and only left hanging was your blouse

You talked about my mom and said she didnt like you

you said she can go to hell and you didnt care if she was sick or had the flu

I told you my grand dad was dying you said whatever

thats just a bitch in the hospital having your baby

which really hurt but I had to realize Im not the one crazy

Like you told us on Xmas to kiss you a…

well we see who now how class

When I was sick and needed you help

you said no get up and get it yourself.

Like you told me if you seen me having a heart attack

you would walk pass me and let hell take my black heart back

wow imagine being with a woman like that

People always ask how did I survive

I simply say faith and having God inside. 

Now im leaving this alone cause God said so

cause all it is , is the devil attacking my soul, 

I dont hold on I let go!! your a lost soul.




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