What is this? Part 2


The feeling is very appealing, Love is always willing

beauty is very close and what beautiful toes

a powerful scent that comes off your clothes

almost mad a man just get down and propose

your beautiful like a single rose

the smile that you bring to the table

with you I will be stable  and able and give you a marriage label

chance of love is like fresh air blowing threw the window

beautiful as clear as white snow

Lose all words to say to your face

oh thank you God for this beautiful black race

Never a hidden flaw

wouldnt it be crazy if Love was a law

have rules and regulations to your relations

instead of hearing Good bye people would be saying congradulation

and it would bring more motivation  but only in most cases.

Your hair is so soft and legs is so smooth

sexy like a black sky with a full moon

I wanna know more I hope that is coming soon.

If it was meant to be it would happen

cause Love is pure like sickness 

that only a kiss from you can cure.

Long rides and walks in the park

pic nics and listening to you talk

I had a vision that I cant explain 

no matter the struggle or pain

its worth sitting and waiting threw the storm and the rain.

What is it that feeling that I get when we speak

When our space cross our path intersec 

What is it I dont know I just keep shaking my head

and just  wait and see whats next.

What is it  




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