10 Rules to loving your woman.



— The art of seduction..:-):-):-) actually the first rule is being friends to know her then make her feel like she’s a diamond which is a rare find you have to get to the heart which you find out how by being friends 

— Show her your strength  of how you take care of business when it cone to her heart open the door feed her massage her most important LISTEN to her ..turn your whole body and face her a woman loves a man that focus on her and her needs.

— Always submit to her needs.

— Show her your sensitive to her words her movement the air she breathes and always be there when she needs you cause a great woman will sacrifice anything for a good man.

— Show commitment  stability and your reason for being in her present  and let her know sex is not just sex, tell her you have to know her Mentally to feel her physical as 1

— Don’t cheat or lie leave everything on the table so you can eat better.

— Take the role of your lady and cook and clean .

— Give her a lady day and spoil her get her nails and hair done,buy her that dress she likes.

— Trust her with your passwords and bank account . That’s why it’s called trust.

— Be her king and Have one queen….you only live once make it last.


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