I’m Talking to you









Should I take off my shirt

Oh” this your husband  cause him I dont wanna hurt

but if its not, I can show whats hot

speak to you in a fashion  with a feeling thats lasting

Now you smiling showing all your white teeth

no no no dont stop its comforting me

now you see how happy you just made me by just standing in front of me

baby I can change you  and i want you to change me and my mind 

white dress scarf sexy OHHH yes your fine

I really like God’s Design

The curves, omly Vowels and no verbs

only gains of a special herb

wow you touch all my nerves

this man you really deserve

but you cant even stand, while holding my hand

devotion  smell of your scented lotion

drip drip wet like the ocean

mind just rising and floating

your heart racing at a fast pace 

chills ran down your spine as I kissed your face

sweet as a ice cream cake, lovely taste

I will love you like this everyday. 



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