Went threw it all!!!!!



I went threw walls but yet I didn’t fall

I was in deep water, with not even a supporter

i went threw hell, but with God I didn’t fail

I went threw fire, but i always looked higher

I went threw lies, and watch fake people say their good byes

I went threw years of pain, letting was a great gain

i went threw death threats, but yet I  asked God to handle the rest

I went threw fake women, but yet I smile and i’m always winning

I went threw trouble times,but yet money don’t decide my mind

i went threw being fat and all the time I was teased about that

even from the lady that was suppose to have my back

I went threw dark trees, and yet i still kneel to God feet

I went threw crazy crazy crazy stuff, words don’t hurt me I always call you bluff

sometimes people just have had enough, don’t look like that is it that rough

I went threw sleepiness night, and cold weather with no lights.

I went threw words of abuse, but even you can learn alot from you!!

I look at certain things,and I don’t even remember having rings.

I took can food and heated it by sitting it in the sun, but yet had nowhere to run.

I went threw tears, but yet found out tears was only fears,

I went threw closing my mind, and finding myself and did a new grind

I went threw dreams,nightmares, but yet no shoulder that really cared.

I seen pictures with no painting, only the outside framing

I went threw walking the streets and everything crumble at my feet.

I went threw wars and cuts and bruises but my brain I always use it.

I went threw Trials, but yet I didn’t act foul….

I went threw mountains caves, but I’m no longer a slave to your crave

I went threw a ugly divorce But yet silence was my choice,


Join Me



You want Love, well here I stand! You wanna be happy then let’s smile together!!! You want forever,trust me and have faith in your soul. You wanna build a life, here’s my hand. You want a family then let’s come together! You want money then together let’s get it.