In life most people think they know what blessings are

from money to even meeting someone and buying a car

not even close enough but the road has been rough

but with God on your shoulders you can do more than enough

most people say they can do without but with God you cant

life may seem good but with out him that lasting is a very slim chance

most people be in the wrong place and sadness comes on there face

but you have to be in a certain place to get your blessing.

if it feels wrong its wrong  so its your choice

so choose the right voice and be in the right place you need to be to receive yours

Pray, listen,read, respect  and always talk to God.  


Fresh Air


Fresh air

You wake up in morning to a new day

bed is empty and there’s no face

you leave the house hoping to find a spouse

but you just ignore it cause loyalty is not out

so you think to yourself where is she or is it me

is it my appearance or just how I speak

but it could be that i’m still trying to find something that God doesn’t wont beside me

thinking about how many dates I had but never could I be satisfied 

only to find out how women have started to tell the lies.

Dating sites and red eye sight only until one night

beautiful soul and a smile that even God started to glow

very laid back beautiful hair put back, not even a single weave track

now that is  how an opinion turn into a true fact only a beautiful women would now that

cool. calm, gentle, soft voice, and  short but very true to a person heart beat

very sexy and her hugs and kisses she gives me feel like a sweet treat

look at the stroke of her walk, street lights turn on as she passes in the dark

Her laugh is so soft and cute, like a beautiful painting with royal  blue.

Her arrival is so strong,and exit is so powerful that her spirit is so delightful

This day I breathe on some days I wish she would never leave

its like fresh air from the trees and sweetness from dozen roses

that sometime  my feeling I cant hold it, but I do cause I don’t wanna act brand new

this fresh air I breathe is cause you, its never to early to say three words that ends with you.