Fresh Air


Fresh air

You wake up in morning to a new day

bed is empty and there’s no face

you leave the house hoping to find a spouse

but you just ignore it cause loyalty is not out

so you think to yourself where is she or is it me

is it my appearance or just how I speak

but it could be that i’m still trying to find something that God doesn’t wont beside me

thinking about how many dates I had but never could I be satisfied 

only to find out how women have started to tell the lies.

Dating sites and red eye sight only until one night

beautiful soul and a smile that even God started to glow

very laid back beautiful hair put back, not even a single weave track

now that is  how an opinion turn into a true fact only a beautiful women would now that

cool. calm, gentle, soft voice, and  short but very true to a person heart beat

very sexy and her hugs and kisses she gives me feel like a sweet treat

look at the stroke of her walk, street lights turn on as she passes in the dark

Her laugh is so soft and cute, like a beautiful painting with royal  blue.

Her arrival is so strong,and exit is so powerful that her spirit is so delightful

This day I breathe on some days I wish she would never leave

its like fresh air from the trees and sweetness from dozen roses

that sometime  my feeling I cant hold it, but I do cause I don’t wanna act brand new

this fresh air I breathe is cause you, its never to early to say three words that ends with you. 



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