You dont even know!!



You have no clue or even an idea

how much I adore you and its real

you have no clue how the sunrise because you open your eyes

only to see beautiful as you rise

do you understand how flowers bloom and grow

even with water its a smooth flow

Your smile drives me wild

your kiss is sweet like a hershey kiss

your smell is a view I can only tell

your eyes makes my heart happy inside

your skin agaisnt mines always keep me flying.

Your mind is beautiful and wise

you have a heart of gold

right along with a unique soul.

Its like a beautiful view when im looking at you.

now this is true , now my feeling have grew

but only if you knew how I adore you.


Smiling beauty!!!


From when you wake up in the morning

Eyes connect as your body is turning

hands reaches out searching for me

Kissing me and showing me the white teeth

A smile that bloom all flowers

speak truth and have magical powers

From phone calls hearing your voice

Taste your lips smiles that will change road trips

wow such beauty what a wonderful gift







Heavy Bags


Life always brings challenges just depends on how you handle it

I cant pay my rent,but I can buy things for man

I cant pay my car note, but you buy a blunt to smoke

I cant pay my cell phone, but I feed a lazy man in my home

I cant pay the gas bill, but you buy high heels

I cant pay my lights, but find it right to go out all night

I cant get clothes for my kids, but always get your hair did

I cant pay my water, but love a man who cant get his house in order

I cant pay my daycare, but care about buying weave for your hair

I cant get little things, but buy shiny bracelets and rings

I cant buy food for the house , but yet always wanna smoke out

I cant handle the stress, but to the wrong person you scared to get it off your chest

I cant pay my insurance, but yet blame everybody else your life is ruin

I cant go to work but you can go out and twerk

I cant get past the past and always wonder why things crash

cause you always carry around those heavy bags