Heavy Bags


Life always brings challenges just depends on how you handle it

I cant pay my rent,but I can buy things for man

I cant pay my car note, but you buy a blunt to smoke

I cant pay my cell phone, but I feed a lazy man in my home

I cant pay the gas bill, but you buy high heels

I cant pay my lights, but find it right to go out all night

I cant get clothes for my kids, but always get your hair did

I cant pay my water, but love a man who cant get his house in order

I cant pay my daycare, but care about buying weave for your hair

I cant get little things, but buy shiny bracelets and rings

I cant buy food for the house , but yet always wanna smoke out

I cant handle the stress, but to the wrong person you scared to get it off your chest

I cant pay my insurance, but yet blame everybody else your life is ruin

I cant go to work but you can go out and twerk

I cant get past the past and always wonder why things crash

cause you always carry around those heavy bags


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